Services We Offer

Tax & Compliance Services

Annual Tax Returns: Prepare Federal and State (all states) income tax returns for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, estates and trusts. File and amend prior year tax returns.

Tax Planning: Provide business and personal tax strategies prior to fiscal year end to legally reduce the annual tax burden.

Periodic Tax Returns: Prepare property, payroll, sales and use and franchise returns.

State Licensing: Prepare annual state licensing reports.

Consulting Services

Business Plans: Prepare and review of company business plans to secure capital investments or bank financing.

Budgets: Project revenue, expense and cash flow for future periods to maximize shareholder profitability.

Internal Control Study: On-site review of the separation of responsibilities within your company to reduce the risk of fraud.

Transaction Support: Assist with buyer/seller financial due diligence to support the acquisition or disposal of a business entity.

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping & Records: Prepare and maintain of supporting documents to record monthly transactions, reconcile bank accounts, manage accounts receivable and payable, maintain fixed assets records and provide management financial statements periodically.

Payroll: Prepare and process payroll, generate checks, prepare quarterly and annual filings and prepare and distribute employee W-2’s and contractor/vendor 1099’s.